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Wire chicken cage

Wire chicken cage Special galvanizing process briefly introduction:
Eletro galvanized:
the surface smooth and bright,  zinc coating:20-30g per square meter,
It is easy to rust, But after the rust does not affect use, service life:8-12 years
Hot galvanized: 
Surface zinc is thick, can reach about 500g per square meter, not easy to be rusted ,
The surface have zinc knot, not smooth, service life:20-25 years
 Wire chicken cage Wire chicken cage
Chicken cage specification chart for your reference (Order our ordinary type or customized your design are acceptable)

(1)Entirely hot-dipped galvanized material,anti-corrosion,can last for 10-15 years. 
(2)Higher raising density and lower investment. 
(3)Automatic manure removal system reduce environmental pollution. 
(4)Automatic harvesting system,save labor cost. 
(5)Convenient management,epidemic disease easy controlled. 
(6)High labor production efficiency.

1)Semi automatic cage system is lower cost and practical
2)Prevent disease transmission,  improve revenue
3)Good ventilation,   increased the laying rate of layers

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