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Why must design and install the laying chicken cage Reasonable?

Today's chicken cage has becomes the main way of laying chicken breeding, chicken cage is the most direct environment for chickens to live in.Reasonable design and installation can improve the welfare, labor productivity and economic benefits of chickens.On the contrary, it will increase the breakage rate of eggs, increase the difficulty and strength of daily management, such as eggs can not automatically roll out of the cage, the cage door is not strict chicken escape, and even cause the disability or death of chickens, just the opposite.Therefore, starting from strengthening the management, in line with the principle of maintaining animal welfare, we should carefully design, manufacture and install chicken cages according to the biological characteristics of chickens and the need of convenient daily operation.Even if the introduction of forming equipment, it must be carefully checked, inspection, so as to avoid errors and losses.


Cage door requirement opens close convenient, after opening namely, the door won't fall automatically, facilitate catch chicken or put chicken, and after closing, firm do not loosen strength, can prevent chicken escape.Its form has before open type and go up open type two kinds, before open type still has the function that lets the chicken of different day age to be able to extend the head outside cage to take food concurrently, have a few kinds of design schemes to be able to offer reference so.


First is cage door cent fluctuation two sections, and the space between on grid and next grid is unequal, or on wide below narrow or on narrow below wide, two section door can follow the need of different chicken age feed to want to be able to stick out a head only) and fluctuation is overturned adjust, deal with freely.


The 2nd it is the grid below cage door is designed very small space, extend certain Angle forward lower part, extend partial feed trough to the space inside the cage, for young chick is collected inside the cage feed, after waiting for chick some bigger, change again buy the grid of corresponding size, let a chicken can extend the head outside caged feed.


Thirdly, a row of obtuse round foraging holes with adjustable aperture are designed at the bottom of the cage door, so that chickens of different sizes can forage outside the cage.


Fourth it is the cage door that nurturance year chicken is 20 weeks of age above namely, can be fixed changeless, the space of case bar maintains in 6 centimeters or so, the size with chicken head namely is equal.Or use two round plastic tube crossbar on cage door, can prevent chicken to escape already, convenient at extend a head to feed again, and can reduce the attrition of neck feather, improve animal welfare.

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