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Why government should actively promote laying hens in chicken cages in rural Africa

In a longer period of time in the future, government supporting tens of thousands of families in rural areas raise chickens in chicken cage is the better way to make their life better. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, except for a small number of professional chicken farmers use chicken cage, the vast majority of rural farmers are free-range.Some villages are full of chickens.This situation greatly increased the spread of various pathogenic microorganisms, and the spread of scattered breeding is not easy to prevent, so. Often occur chicken xincheng night, bursa disease, avian cholera, chicken should be sick thousands of epidemic, resulting in quite a yufen farmers swallow day to buy 40, 50 chicks.In order to put an end to this kind of phenomenon, we must vigorously promote the caging of laying hens in the countryside.The cause that makes our country country raises chicken to ascend a new level.
Caged laying hens mainly have the following advantages:
(1) free-range laying hens, once a family of chickens infectious diseases, soon spread to the whole village.
(2) can solve the problem of giving chickens in rural areas to shoot the needle to catch the chicken difficult.
Cage layer chicken add shake, add water and other work save time.And labor saving, easy to manage.
After the laying chicken cage, gong concentrated, easy to remove and disinfect.Changed the village, yard everywhere chicken gong phenomenon, is conducive to maintaining the village public environment health.
(5) after the laying chicken cage. Reduce the consumption of yellow and feed shake waste.In addition, artificial light can be increased to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity, improve egg production rate, and reduce the impact of various stress factors on laying hens, so as to improve economic benefits.
Now, some manufacturers produce a lot of standard layer chicken cage style. Some of each single net cage can raise 15 chicken or 50 chicken. General farmers raise less children layer chicken with 1 or 2 single net cage can meet the needs.

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