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Why Are Laying Hens Pecking Each Other

Pecking addiction classify as pecking feather, pecking anus, pecking eggs, those phenomenon mostly happen in intensive breeding poultry house. Let’s analyze the reasons you will know how to prevent.

Main reason
1.Breeding density highly intensive, the chickens battle for feeds and water, some of the chickens are malnutrition lead to chicken pecking addiction
2.Unreasonable breeding management, lead to substandard of the chicken weight and the shin 
3.Improper poultry house environment regulation,the following reasons will cause the chicken pecking addiction,Air pollution, temperature not stable,too long time lighting, high strength light,uneven light, direct stimulation from outside light
4.Unreasonable diet nutrition, daily diet lack of animal protein or amino acid imbalance, chickens cannot effectively use the protein in the diet, the chicken lack of calcium and phosphorus, vitamin B2 and B6 and B12 can cause pecking.
Pecking classification and Incentive
1.Anus pecked: too biger egg layed cause rectocele, tear, diarrheic chicks anus with foul fecal 
2.Feather Pecked: found in egg production peak and moulting period,mostly relevant to sulfur-containing amino acid and lack of B vitamins 
3.Egg pecked: because of a shortage of feed calcium or protein content,easy to have  thin shell eggs or soft shell eggs.
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