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Why Hot dip galvanized layer chicken cage is your best choose?

Now different manufacturers in the production of the material is usually adopted in laying hens cage galvanized or cold galvanized, hot dip galvanized the good quality of life is long so the price will be higher than cold galvanizing, hot galvanizing production out of the cage layers are smooth surface on but won't hurt to the chicken, so most of the farmers choose to use hot dip galvanized cage, layers are laying hens cage manufacturers take you learn about some characteristics of hot dip galvanized.


Features of hot dip galvanizing:

1, the appearance is smooth, without zinc tumor, burr, silver white;

2, the thickness is controllable, within 5-107 m arbitrary choice;

3. Without hydrogen embrittlement and temperature hazard, the mechanical properties of materials can be guaranteed unchanged;

4, can replace part of the need for hot galvanizing process;

5, good corrosion resistance, neutral salt spray test for 240 hours.


As the activity place of laying hens for their whole life, the quality of laying hens' cage not only determines the life and value of laying hens, but also directly influences the performance of laying hens.The structure is reasonable, the quality is fine layer chicken cage, its service life may exceed 10 years, moreover may provide the relatively comfortable living environment for the chicken group, guaranteed the chicken group normal production potential display.And the chicken cage with bad structure, inferior quality, or a chicken on the cage on the deformation, solder cracking, or constantly stuck to the chicken, or make the chicken group in a state of stress for a long time, it is difficult to play the normal production performance, and some chicken cage often stuck eggs, nest eggs, causing egg damage, accumulated over time, a huge loss.It can be seen that the quality of the chicken cage is directly related to the economic benefits of the chicken industry, whether it is the chicken cage manufacturers, chicken farm technicians, or general individual chicken farmers, should be given high attention to this.Therefore, the manufacturer reminds you that the choice of a good quality layer cage is crucial.


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