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What is The Most Important Times During Incubation

What is the most important times during incubation ?
A. Egg chicken need the artificial operation management in the whole incubation period, according to the characteristics of embryonic development, it is divided into two key periods, embryonic age 1-7 days and embryonic age 18-21 days. We need to provide suitable incubation conditions for the two embryonic age in the management, improve the hatching rate and chicks quality. In general, we need to pay attention to heat preservation in earlier stage and attach importance to ventilate in later period

B. First : Embryonic age 1-7 days
In order to improve the incubation temperature and reduce the time to reach a suitable temperature, you could take the following measure:
1.Preheating before egg hatching, it is not only beneficial the awakening of embryonic egg, restore vitality, but also reduce the dropping of incubation temperature, shorten the heating time
2.During the process of incubation, from 1th to 5th day, should close all incubator air intakes.
3.When we disinfect the eggs with the Formalin and potassium permanganate, we should conduct it when the egg shell surface was dried and avoid 24-96 hours’ old embryonic eggs
4.Do not candling eggs before 5 days, so as to avoid the temperature of incubator and egg table dropped sharply. Egg in bulk should conduct after 5 days, in addition, the broken eggs should be removed 
5.Improve the incubator environmental temperature
6.Avoid long time power outage, in case of no electricity, we could improve the hatching house temperature, can also add heat water in the water pond


C. Second Embryonic age 18-21 days
Chick embryos at 18-19 days are embryonic transition from film to breather 06-06-30 pulmonary respiration period, oxygen demand surge, the temperature of itself is very high, and as pipping and hatching, pathogenic microorganisms in the eggshell spread rapidly at the incubation period, it should have full fully ventilation of this period. In order to solve the problem of heat and oxygen, we should talk the following measures
1.Avoid embryonic at 18 days to shift hatching tray, we could conduct it at the age of 17 days, or at extended embryo age 19 days
2. When piping, hatching, increase humidity,reduce the temperature, On the one hand to prevent piping eggshell, accelerate the evaporation of water, it is not good for breaking the shell, on the other hand, to prevent dehydration of chicks, it is important to increase the humidity especially when the hatching time is long. Improve humidity and reduce hatching incubation temperature, avoiding high temperature and humidity. In general, Embryonic at 19 to 21 days, the hatching temperature is less than 37-37.5 degree, during the hatching period, relative humidity will increase to 70-75%
3.Pay attention to ventilation, can increase the ventilation rate if necessary
4.To ensure the normal supply of power, the incubation effect will be influenced even a short power outage. If no electricity, we should open the machine, up and down the tray and measurement the eggs with temperature thermometer, at this time, the temperature showing on door table thermometer can not represent the temperature of hatcher.
5.When choosing,generally 60% to 70% of chicks hatched, pick the first chicks when the hair is dry. And picking up the empty eggshell. After hatching, move the unborn embryo eggs to the top of hatching machine for hatching. Finally pick again and clean tray
6.Observe window shading, small chicks have phototaxis, the hatching chicks will be crowded to the front, against other embryo eggs out of eggshell. Therefore the window should be shading and keep hatched chicks quite.
7.Prevent Dehydration. Survival rate will be influenced seriously when chicks dehydrated. And it is irreversible. So it is not good to put chicks processing room. 

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