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Top Quality Poultry Automatic Feeding System

Meat chicken disk type Poultry Automatic Feeding System consists of a driving device, a hopper, a conveying pipe, an auger, trays, a suspension lifting device, an anti-perching device and a feed sensor. The main function of the system is to convey the feed in the hopper into each tray to ensure the eating of the meat chickens and automatically control the conveying opening/closing of the motor by the material level sensor to achieve the aim of automatic feeding.

Poultry Automatic Feeding System

Main feed line system:
(1).Silo features:Material: Galvanized sheet; Capacity:2.5T to 27T; Silo boot: one/two/three/four outlet
(2).Driving motor: 0.75kw, 380V, 50HZ, three phase, AC current
(3).Feed conveying pipe: diameter: 75*3.6mm, Material: PVC; Auger from South Africa, Feeding abality: 1400kg/h
(4). Feed Level sensor Germany IFM feed level sensor.  
(5).If you don't use silo, you can use manpower hopper.Usually, if you just build one or two farm, we suggest you
use hopper instead of silo.

With independent advantage of the Poultry Automatic Feeding System,High quality and easy to accept the price.The products don't contain phenol which easy to skin allergy and other chemical substances, when installed non-toxic harmless to human body, safety, energy saving, environment protection and economic applicable
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