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Standard chicken raising house design for layer chicken cage

The basic requirements of layer chicken cage house design

1、Meet the coop functional requirements, create a good growth and reproduction environment for chickens

2、Is good for intensive management, improve economic efficiency

3、Reduce the labor intensity, can have chance to have mechanization or automatic o management in the future 

4、Meet the requirements of the general layout

Layer chicken cage house design technical parameters

1, temperature. The chickens suitable temperature is 13 - 23 C, the general requirements of the hen house parameters is 

    not lower than 10 DEG C.

2, light intensity. According to 4W per square meter of lighting to do.

3, feeding density. Adult layer need has cage bottom area of about 500cm2.

4, ventilation. Ventilation is a first measure element to the hen house environment,  ventilation,  uniform gas,  humidity out, 

    heating, cooling and heat dissipation performance good houses, can ensure chickens physical health and normal prod-


5, 1000 layers  house construction index. According to the climate and geographical environment of our county , should be 

    built semi enclosed hen house.  According  to  the  three  tiered  cage,  two rows, three walkway,  chicken house building 

    span is 8m, high 2.6 - 2.8m, 3M walkway , 12m long . 2000 layers  house length is24m.

Layer chicken house structure and building

1, walls. 2,4 brick wall is appropriate, the back can be thicken based on the actual situation, its advantages are good insul-

    ation performance for moisture, strong and durable.

2, roof. One is the dome, can use saw foam and straw  as insulation material   two is the top of the triangle,  can  use  light

    steel or steel mixed structure. Whether it is a dome or a triangular roof, it should be set up 2 exhaust ports (24m 4).

3, the ground and the house inside sewage treatment.  Because  of  the  three tiered cage , two columns , three walkways,

   set 1 - 1.2m road in the middle, on both sides is 0.6m , under the chicken cage is  sewage,arear,  by mechanical excrem-

   ent removing,  the dung should be lower than the ground 30 - 40 cm,  the artificial remove ,  the dung  should  be  below 

   ground 10 - 15 cm, walkways and blow down areas should be hardened.

4, door. Located in the central gable house door wide, 1 - 1.2m, 1.8 - 2.0m.

5, window. The window from the ground is not less than 1.6m,  the leeward side is high, relatively low . According to the  3M 

    room, the window width 2m, height 0.5m.

6, ventilation equipment. In order to maintain the proper temperature, humidity and air fresh, should install ventilation equip-

    ment, general on both sides of the wall, install ate two fans.

How to make an inquiry of layer chicken cage ?

Please give me your followed information:

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What is your land size or house size for your poultry?

What is your plan of poultry farm development?

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