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Small Chicken Cage

it's a good product that make you chicken live so comfortable. 
Small Chicken Cage size: length:1.8m,width:0.5m,height:0.32m/layer,the whole length is 2m
The specification: 4 compartments/layer,5 chicken/compartment,we are sure they are all have drinking sink system and some other systems,theA-type can feed 120 chicken. 49 x 34 x 35 cm per chicken, the water nipples 360 grades(the picture below), 
Open feeding trough:24g galvanization sheet. Thickness is 0.3mm;3 cm below, 4 cm above 
Lifespan: 4-5years(electro-dipped cage);8-10 years(hot-dipped cage) Weight: 70kg/Set Feature: Our automatical chicken cage made from high anti-corrosive material, such as hot galvanized steel which give a guarantee in long durability,this product has good corrosion resistance effects. 

About the surface treatment,we think the hot-galvanized is better,because according to you environment,in a high temperature, the hot-galvanized product can make use of structure,also it has characters of corrosion resistance,heat resistance and good processability.also we have other materials about the product. 
Design: According to our experience, the required distance between one row of cages and the next at the corridor is about two people'distance,and the height of the house should be 3 meters. Capacity: 104suit/1x20ft container 
Category: Electro-dipped chicken cage(cage and shelf) Hot-dipped chicken cage(cage and shelf) Hot-dipped chicken cage and electro-dipped shelf Plastic coated chicken cage 
Type:A type;H type;Small chicken cage 

Point features small cage, Small Chicken Cage, shrimp wonton noodles, Fried chicken, the original sparerib noodles handleless cup, eat a little supports, small cage fared slightly below expectations, but in the steamer, cloth mat and small cage cortical toughness and dye-in-the-wood, guarantee a break, whole is commendable. This meat is not zha of, not just last week from plum village highway rest stop the wuxi little cage bought. 
High quality Chicken layer cage product in our factory.

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