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Small Chicken Cage

Our factory professionally manufacture Small Chicken Cage in china for many years. We can supply A type chicken cage, H type chicken cage, egg chicken cage, broiler chicken cage, chick cage ( day old chicken cage) ( small chicken cage) etc. We can also supply all kinds of accessories using in cage.

Material: high quality low carbon steel wire ( Q195 and Q235)
Galvanized welding wire cages panel. Diameter of bottom mesh is 2.5mm, top msh is 3.2mm. Length before setting up is 1.9m and there is right angle on top. Width is 40cm and height 55cm.
Small Chicken Cage
Specification: H type layer chicken cage ( for broiler or pullet, please contact us)
1) Whole size: 2.00m*2.4m*2.05m
2) Capacity: 160 birds
3) Cage basket size: 1950*400*380mm
4) Cell/Cage basket: 5
5) Birds/cell: 4
6) Cage basket/set: 8
7) Floor space/bird: 390cm2
8) Equipment matched: ( please to check other pages of exact equipment introduction)
Silo, Feed conveying system, Automatic feeding system, Egg collection system, Manure removal system, Ventilation system

1) cage mesh, cage frame,
2) tap or big water tank connect drinking system, nipple drinker,water pipe, “T” connector, “I” connector, “L”connector, water tank, water pressure regulator, filter
3) feeder trough, feeder connector, feeder cover, Worker put the food into the feeder. 

If you want more Small Chicken Cage and accessories pictures, please contact me.We also supply day old chicken cage accessories,  plastic feeder, plastic drinker,  plastic plain mesh, plastic pallet 
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