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Seven Inoculation Ways of Poultry Immune 3-7

Seven inoculation ways of poultry immune(3-7)
(Some could be done in chicken cage, layer chicken cage, for example one customer ordered our used layer chicke cage, injection is no problem in cage ! )

3. Intramuscular
When use, after general multiples diluted by the regulation, the smaller chickens were injected 0.2 to 0.5 ml per chicken and adult chickens were injected 1 ml.  Injection site can be chest muscle ,wing root inside muscle or the legs of the lateral muscles. Injection in the lateral legs should be selected no blood vessels at the leg along the direction of piercing, stabbing avoid blood vessels and nerves; chest injection needle should follow the direction of the sternum, select the piercing portion and tilted 30 degrees to prevent vertical piercing injury and visceral; For the chicken that are more than 2 months age, injection area can choose chicken wings root and muscles are many. This method is suitable for Vaccine Ⅰ Newcastle disease, fowl cholera and Marek attenuated attenuated or inactivated vaccine.

4.Inject Subcutaneously
Operation: more use chicks nape subcutaneous injection method, first pinch the skin of chicks back of the neck gently with the left thumb and index finger and lift , right hand holding a syringe and needle pierce into the skin and between the muscles, then the vaccine was injected, prevent injuries chicken neck blood vessels, nerves. This method is mainly suitable for inoculation attenuated Marek's disease vaccine, Newcastle Disease Vaccine Ⅰand so on.

5. Injection in the wings 
Methods of operation: with dip pen (stationery available) or vaccination needle dipped into the diluted vaccine,sting of the inside of the chicken wings at avascular , day-old chicks within 20 days stab a needle, chicken stab  2 needles, after three days,checking thorn site, if those small bumps or redness indicates successful vaccination, or need to re-thorn. This method is suitable for vaccine and vaccination of fowl pox vaccine Ⅰ system.

6.Spray inoculation
( It is very good used in chicken cage or layer chicken cage )
This method is to use compressed air through the aerosol generator, and the dilute liquid vaccine were formed to  atomized particles in1 to 10 microns in diameter,uniformly suspended in the air, with the breath into chickens. Aerosol vaccination should be aware of the following five questions.
(1) The vaccine must be expensive, the amount of times.
(2) the vaccine should be diluted with deionized or distilled water, preferably plus 0.1% of skimmed milk powder or gelatin.
(3) droplet size should be moderate, generally require sprayed mist particles more than 70%, with a diameter of 5 to 10 microns for adult chicken , 30 to 50 microns for chicks.
(4) Houses to be closed during the spraying , to shield direct sunlight, to maintain a certain temperature, humidity, preferably at night when dense flocks until after 10 to 15 minutes to open the doors and windows.
(5) aerosol immunization inoculation interference large flocks, especially will increase airbag chicken virus, mycoplasma and inflammation caused by E. coli, attention should be paid, if necessary, to join the  antibiotics in animal feed before and after the aerosol immunization. Mainly applied to Newcastle disease vaccination Ⅰ, Department Ⅱ, Lasota Department of infectious bronchitis vaccine and attenuated vaccine.

7.Brushing anus method
The  vaccine dilutes according to requirement, catch the chicken and pour the carring ,hand hold chicken stomach and anal mucosa eversion, inoculated with a brush or cotton balls, brushing anal mucosa, mucosal redness date, change a brushevery 500 chickens . This method is mainly used for mass vaccination throat.

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