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Seven Inoculation Ways Of Poultry Immune 1-2

Immunization is an important work for chicken farm, the success or failure of the immune directly affects the level of the efficiency of raising chicken. According to the different characteristics of the vaccine, select the most appropriate immune method, can get the best immune effect. The following summarizes the seven commonly used methods of immunization in poultry.
(some are ok for feeding in chicken cage or layer chicken cage, some are not ) 

1. Instillation nose and eyes method
Nose and eye drops can use test tube or empty eye dropper or 5 ml syringe (Tip grinding bald). In advance with 1 ml of water to try, to see how many drops. Below 2 week old chicks with 50 drops per ml will be better, 2 drops per chicken, 25 chickens of one milliliter. Operation method: the operator hold the chicken body with left hand gently, using thumb and index finger to hold the chicken head, and using right hand with a dropper absorb liquid, drop into the chicken's nose or eyes, when the liquid medicine drop into the nose and can’t flow intranasal, the operator can use right hand with index finger to block chicken another nostril.Then the liquid medicine can quickly be inhaled.
This method is suitable for the inoculation of the attenuated vaccine of chicks II, III, IV, vaccine and the throat, and so on. The best method is to be known as the weak virus vaccine in the poultry field because of the uniform inoculation and good immune effect.
 2. Drinking Method ( it is used in chicken cage or chicken layer cage too, there are nipple drinkers, we mixed vaccine in water)
The older chicken group need immunization one by one,wasting time and engergy and can not  complete the whole group of immune in short time.So drinking method always used.The vaccine mixed in drinking water, let the chickens drinking water with vaccine in short time. In order to achieve the purpose of immunization. 

Drinking water immunity must pay attention to the following 8 questions:
1) Before put the vaccine ,stop supplying drinking water for 2 to 3 hours (according to the different seasons to adjust), for the chickens have strong desire drinking and ensure the chickens can drinking vaccine water within 2 hours. 
(2)The drinking vaccine water need preparation according to the requirements, can’t be prepared in advance.
(3) The water used to dilute the vaccine is appropriate. Under normal circumstances, every 500 vaccine, 2 days of age to 2 weeks of age with 5 liters of water, 2 to 4 weeks of age with 7 liters water, 4 to 8 weeks of age 10 liters water, 8 weeks of age with 20 liters water. 
(4) The number of water tanks should be sufficient to supply the whole group of chickens to drink at the same time. 
(5) It should avoid using metal drinking water tank, water tanks should not be disinfected before using, but should be very clean and do not contain feed or feces or other debris. 
(6) The water should not contain chlorine and other bactericidal substances. High salt content of water, should be boiled and cooled, and then to be used after the precipitation of impurities. 
(7) To choose use the vaccine in cooling time during the day, vaccine water should be far away from the heat source. 
If condition allowed,you can add 0.5% skim milk powder in the vaccine water, it will have protective effect for vaccine. This method is suitable for New disease vaccine, Lasota vaccine,  Infectious Laryngotracheitis vaccine and infectious bursal disease vaccine and so on.

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