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Poultry automatic feeding system

Poultry Automatic Feeding System 
1) Main Feeding System
2) Pan Feeding System
3) Nipple Drinking System
4) Ventilation System
5) Environmental Control System
6) Cooling Pad System
7) Spaying System
8) Curtain System
9) Hot Blast Stove Heating System

1. Used for one day chick until Grown Up.
Special Design make Feeder Pan fit for one day chick until Grown Up.
Bottom Height 5.5cm. Make it easy for one day chick to have feed.
When chick grow up, turn regulator for each age of birds.
2. Save feed
No matter the age of the chick, it could fit them always. This feeding system have 6 steps regulator, any age of bird could save feed.
3. Easy to dismantle and install
Dismantle and install just turn the bottom will be okay.
Easy to control.
4. Healthy is the key.
After washing, turn bottom of feeder pan to drain the water to make feeder pan dry. No dead angle to hide dirt.
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