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Overview the effect on egg production of laying hens in cage and on ground

Laying hens are raised in cages welded with wire, and different types of cages are designed according to the breed, gender and age of laying hens.At present, there are mainly chick cages, breeding chicken cages, egg cages, chicken cages and male cages.Compared with free-range chickens, caged chickens can increase the breeding density of chickens to a certain extent and raise more laying hens in the same time to achieve higher egg production.At the same time, caging can effectively save feed, because the amount of exercise of chickens raised in cages will be relatively reduced. The decrease of physical energy consumption will inevitably lead to the decrease of feed supply.


Moreover, steamed chicken is not obvious due to the changes in body mass, namely caged chickens due to the movement law of time and less stable, and so on. The body does not change significantly between the initial and final quality, even if the change is also a body quality will be increased, so the stability of the weight of the body quality can make the egg is heavier than free-range chicken, and the characteristics of the steamed chicken physical enough also provides conditions for high rate.At the same time, caged chickens face fewer stress factors. As long as managers properly control the temperature, light and ventilation in the caged chickens, the production of eggs in caged chickens will not change dramatically.However, the proportion of blood spot eggs in caged chickens is high, the quality of eggs is slightly poor, and the qualified rate of breeding eggs is low. In addition, caged chickens are more prone to death syndrome, which affects the survival rate and egg-laying performance of chickens, so although the egg yield of caged chickens is higher than that of free-range chickens, it is still less than that of plain chickens.


Flat breeding is also divided into ground level breeding and online level breeding. Online level breeding mainly refers to the way to let the chickens leave the ground and move on the mesh made of metal or other materials for breeding.And in order to facilitate the management and cleaning of chicken manure, the general height of the floor should be kept about 1.2m higher than the ground when the floor is paved with plastic mesh, metal mesh or coated plastic mesh.The biggest advantage of online flat breeding is that chickens live on slats, and the feces fall into the net, and the chickens do not directly touch the feces, which is conducive to the control of diseases. In addition, compared with other feeding methods, online flat breeding has the highest feeding density.Chickens also produce eggs relatively well.However, as far as online flat breeding is concerned, the daily consumption of feed for each chicken is 10-15g more than that of caged hens, so it can be seen that caged laying hens are of great practical significance for saving feed costs, reducing consumption and increasing profits.


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