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Methods for environmental control of laying hens in layer chicken cages

The layer chicken cage manufacturer thinks, at present many raises the chicken producer to be subjected to raises the management technology, the financial resources condition and so on the restriction, generally has the simple production management phenomenon, manifests for the chicken house condition is bad, the disinfection idea is bad, the harmless change understanding is bad.Ignoring the influence of environment on the growth, weight gain and egg production of chickens leads to low production efficiency of chickens.The author believes that in order to improve the production efficiency of chickens, it is necessary to control the internal and external environment of the chicken coop to avoid environmental stress, so as to ensure the health, high yield, weight gain, low consumption and high efficiency of the chickens.Therefore, the following points should be noted:


One, strengthen the chicken coop ventilation, ensure the supply of oxygen ventilation ventilation is very important for the improvement of the chicken coop environment.Because the chicken breathing to consume oxygen and emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide concentration is too high, affecting the health of chickens.At the same time, the ammonia and other harmful gases produced by chicken manure also pose a threat to the health of chickens.Therefore, to install ventilation equipment (such as ceiling fan, exhaust fan), strengthen ventilation ventilation, increase the air flow in the house, on the one hand can reduce the harmful gas in the house, on the other hand attached to dust pathogenic microorganisms also flow with the air outside the house, in order to reduce the incidence of various infectious diseases.Countries with high temperatures are recommended to have three layers of layer chicken cage, and countries with four distinct seasons are recommended to have four layers of chicken cage.


Second, improve the hen house facilities, maintaining the chickens grow appropriate temperature and humidity, the temperature and humidity inside the henhouse by chickens raised weight, density, temperature, water volume, the influence of such factors as chicken suitable temperature range 13.5 24.5 ℃;Relative humidity, in addition to the early stage of raising young higher, the rest of the period to maintain 55%-60% is good.If the ambient temperature is outside the appropriate temperature range, chickens mainly rely on chemical means to regulate body temperature, and the metabolic rate should be increased. Firstly, the increase or decrease of body temperature is shown, and secondly, the utilization of feed, yield decline and slow weight gain are affected.With the increasing awareness of farmers, many farmers now choose the automatic temperature control system matching the chicken cage, the constant temperature in the chicken house.


Three, in the warm weather season, to open the window of the chicken coop for ventilation, it is recommended to choose and buy a complete set of chicken coop and chicken cage or poultry equipment, according to the area of the chicken coop customized ventilation window, the chicken produced by the excessive heat discharged from the house, reduce the house temperature.Hot summer should do a good job to prevent heatstroke drop in temperature, conditional farmer can install electric fan or air conditioning, make coop maintains certain temperature and humidity.The roof of the meat chicken coop should be set to prevent the sun from radiating heat. Grass can be planted around the chicken coop to reduce the radiant heat on the ground.Winter to pay attention to the cold, at the same time pay attention to the weather changes, to prevent the house on and off.

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