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Key points of management of broiler in broiler cage

(1) the formulation of light scheme

The time and intensity of artificial light supplementation of broilers in broiler cage can be based on the data recommended in the breeding management manual of broilers, but the light source distribution must be balanced.Light of two-step cage is easy to be solved. Generally, 2m is used to irradiate the cage surface diagonally below. Light Angle reaction hood should be added on the lamp to ensure that both upper and lower chickens can receive sufficient intensity.The illumination intensity shall be subject to the data displayed by the illuminometer, and the error of illumination intensity obtained by wattage conversion is large, which is easy to cause insufficient illumination or waste.


(2) the cultivation of roosters

Good breeding roosters is the basis of artificial insemination, and it is very important to cultivate roosters.In addition to strengthening management and carrying out scientific crown cutting and singing during the period of raising young and breeding, more attention should be paid to prenatal cultivation.Rooster sexual maturity than the hen 2-3 weeks later, to make the male sexual maturity, hen open prenatal rooster weight is more than 30% of body weight, hen give 16 h light to stimulate the best 3 weeks in advance at the same time, and in the afternoon of daily massage ejaculations training, training action not rough, finally according to the proportion of male female 1:30 choice reaction strong cock for use, generally 4-6 hen with 1 rooster, in broiler cage


(3) carefully observe the chickens

Because the density of chickens in broiler cage is large, it is not conducive to observation, especially in the incubation stage is more obvious, careful observation should be carried out around the caged chickens carefully, to prevent the occurrence of outbreaks in the chickens and not timely detection and treatment.When the chicks just into the breeding cage, because the new environment has just changed, the chickens will cause a short period of discomfort, to carefully check whether there is hanging injury of chickens and all chickens can drink water in time.In addition, every day should carefully observe the chicken group, the chicken group of feeding, drinking water, feces, mental state and other conditions to know, timely prevention of epidemics, strengthen management, reduce economic losses.


(4) regular sampling and weighing

The caged chickens can be weighed by marking and fixed, and 5-10% of the chickens can be weighed in the afternoon of the restricted feeding day every weekend.When discovering weight is not appropriate when adjusting, want to put the chicken with big weight in bottom broiler cage, the chicken with small weight is put in upper layer of broiler cage, feed separately, in order to control or quicken the growth rate of weight.When the chickens have a dead Amoy, should be timely with the far end of the cage with the chicken to fill the cage space out of the sky, so as to facilitate management and feeding.

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