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We selling professional chicken eggs incubator

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Incubator For Chicken Eggs

We've made shopping for incubator chicken eggs EASY with our Egg Incubator Combo Kits.  Our Combo Kits take the most commonly needed accessories and put them into packages to fit almost any budget, saving you money & time.  We find that lots customers end up paying 2-3 times as much in shipping costs as they had to because they don't buy everything they need upfront and so they place several orders wasting time and money!

Incubator for chicken eggs Characters:
1.Digital displaying of temperature,  humidity and turning frequency 
2.Full automatically temperature controlling 
3.Full automatically humidity controlling 
4.Full automatically eggs turning 
5.Full automatically alarming 
6.Full automatically cooling and ventilator 
7.Back emergency system
8.Microcomputer,  completely automatic incubator 
9.Using coal , electricity two heating method 

To the quality strives for the survival to the prestige to strive for the development,we sincerly hope that cooperate with clients from domestic and oversea,You are welcome to send by email or fax your inquiry for trial orders.
To get further information about our incubator chicken eggs or services, you can contact us via telephone, email or by visiting us in person. Please note that we also take orders through our online store.
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