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How to Hatch Chicks

Hatching period is about 21 days, 18 days off the disc,7 days lighting eggs,usually in room temperature effects hatching time maybe early or delay. Natural hatching have hen hatching,save labor,and provide suitable temperature and humidity,but it not suit for large scale hatching eggs.The appropriate temperature and humidity control can affect the hatching rate of eggs directly. So choose suitable hatching technology,through artificial control hatching environment can improve the hatching egg rate.


Incubator,fertilization eggs, water

A. Fertilization egg

Layers and broilers mate, the layers chicken lay fertilization eggs

Firstly, choose the eggs in one week.(best in 3 days to 4 days)

B. To do some disinfection before hatching, disinfected generally have two methods: one is with potassium permanganate and formalin sterilizing (their dosage is 15 grams of potassium permanganateand 30ml of formalin / per cubic meter)

C. Hatching

Incubator temperature regulation is 38 degrees, it is recommended with high quality incubator, constant temperature and humidity, so after 19 days will hear chicks in the eggshell thin weak call invoice, which means they will hatches. so removal egg tray and put the eggs in the incubator.

After 19-21 days or so, the chick will break the shell and out of it! Before this can be used to illuminate the egg with a small lamp, you will see there are many red blood vessels in the egg ! This means that the eggs are alive. On the nineteenth day, bring the egg to ear and you may hear  chicks with cheap sounds! Let the chicks break the shell by themselves and don’t help them!

D. matters need attention

1.When the chicks leave egg trays,using workers take eggs from hatching egg trays to hatching basket, the temperature should be keep around 25 degrees, the action need quickly,finish the hatching machine eggs process in 30 to 40 minutes, it is not benefit for embryonic development if take long time.

2.Appropriate to reduce the temperature and control temperature between 37.1 degrees to 37.2 degrees

3.To hence the humidity appropriately, humidity control with 70% to 80%

4.Chicks hatched:

5.Chicken hatching to 20.5 days a large number of broken shell out of from young, the whole batch of hatching as long as 2 times to pick up the young can clean the egg trays.In batch hatching eggs have different hatching eggs time,

6.Pick up one time 4 ~ 6 hours. Operation should leave the chicks in machine, which with bad absorb  umbilical cord, the hair does not dry chick . Raising the temperature of the machine from 0.5 to 1 degrees.

7.In the 21.5 days, the left chicks can come out and as the weak chicks.

8.The chicks hatched within 24 hours should inject Marek vaccine and in the shortest time will be transfer chick to brooding house.

E. Choose Dingtuo incubator and you will have high hatching egg rate

Our incubators are supplying to different scale of poultry farm, for chicken, quail and so on, the modern chicken farm will build chicken hatching house, egg stock house, feed mill house, egg layer chicken cage and equipment house, manure handle house.

DT factory was found in 1996 years, till now we own oversea departments in some countries.

F. Quality guarantee

1.Quality guarantee: all plastic fittings are free to change in 5 years, our company afford all cost  from factory to your farm.

2.Cage mesh are free to change in 10 years, our company afford all cost from factory to your farm.

3.Machine and equipment are free to change in 5 years or 10 years as different types.

4.Above is our promise to customers, but normally keeping quality is the best way to solve all trouble. 

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