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How To Prevent Laying Hens Pecking

The prevention and control of pecking, you should know and exclude the reason of cannibalism, according to the etiology of diagnosis, take corresponding control measures.
1.Timely removal of mutual pecked tendency strong chicken, kept separately.inunction of gentian violet,chloramphenicol and berberine bitter taste strong, anti-inflammatory drugs on the pecked parts, not only helpful for diminish inflammation,  shrink back from bitter taste. As a preventive, besmear of generator used waste engine oil can be used in vulnerable parts, use the bad smells and ugly color to make chicken lose interest.
2.Cutting mouth,Although could not stop pecking, reduce the incidence and damage.cutting the chicken mouth when 7 to 10 days old, before laying age repair the beak again.
3.Do not use strength light,With 3 watts per square meter of incandescent lamp lighting brightness is maximum.Lighting time strictly according to the breeding management discipline, too strength lighting,increase chickens pecking incidence.Improper brood stage lighting control, lead to egg pecking during the laying period.
4.Reduce the breeding density.Provide enough space for chickens, can reduce pecking incidence.
5.Good ventilation and air refresh management it is very important, especially to closed design poultry house, full set of air control system is necessary,it can maximum reduce harmful gas content in the poultry house.

6.Strictly control the temperature and humidity.Avoid environment discomfort to the chicken become congestion, dysphoria, enhanced pecking
7.Provide full balanced diet.Pay attention to the corn contain not more than 65%, no animal protein formula should pay special attention to the balance of amino acids, avoid simply diet, can get good effect.In addition, adding 0.2% of methionine in daily diet, can reduce the pecking incidence.each chicken 0.5-3 grams of gypsum powder per day, feather pecking addiction will soon disappear.Shortage of salt caused pecking, can add 1.5%-2% salt in the diet, last for 3-4days, do not fed for a long time like this or will cause salt poisoning.
8.Divert the attention of the pecking addictive chicken,you can dim the light in the house or adopt the red light, or put something like melon vine, tuber and vegetables in the poultry house to divert the chicken attention.

9.Feed with the gravel to improve the digestibility.choose hard gravel, the pullet use small grain size,adult chicken use as corn size,daily diet add about 0.5%-1% gravel 
10. Choose the right chicken cage for your chickens,reasonable design, the chicken accommodate in it, during the laying period, use battery chicken cage, the bottom mesh 9 degree angle design, the egg roll out or the cage smoothly, the farmer easy to pick up the eggs from the egg collection mesh.  

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