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How To Identify The Quality Pullet

1.The vitality of pullet
Healthy pullet is active, responsive, without deformity or disability, the voice is loud and conglobate opening eyes, the standing pullet is healthy ,the one prostrate on the ground quietly, non reaction is not healthy, bigger or smaller abdomen, the navel with blood stasis also not good pullet
2.Fluff of pullet
Fulness fluff,clean and luster, if the fluff were stuck, means the pullet not strong enough
3.Feeling by hand
Healthy pullet in hand you could feel it’s physical strength, the soft and elastic abdomen with the right size
4.the absorbtion of the yolk and union of navel
Healthy pullet yolk absorbtion is good, abdomen is healed well, dry, cover by the fluff.
The weak pullet navel hole is big and the yolk sac leakage without fluff cover
For example a kind of chicken egg-broken weight about 30grams, the the varieties should uniform size 

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