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How Does the Egg Become Chicken

How does the egg become chicken?
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1.The embryo in egg yolk develop into chick in the near future. 
2.Development of a four-day chick embryos, the shape likes a spider.
3.Development of a five-day chicken embryos, with the eyes of the prototype
4.Development of embryo of 6 days, can see two eyes.
5.In 7 days, the embryo sink into egg yolk
6.Day 8, the rudiment form and can move
7.9-10 days, to separate the mouth and claws, vascular bold.
8.The first 11 days, abdomen grow feathers , allantoic fold
9.12-13 days, long hair neat, distinct upper and lower jaws.
10.14 days, feathers covering the entire embryo, little protein
11.15 days, body grow up, head stretches towards the big end
12.16-18 days, long hair, claws showing.
13.21 days, the chick pecking eggshell, fluffy and very cute

            Egg yolk to hatch chicken                                      A few days later, egg yolk surface appear bloodshot.   

Bloodshot gathered, the egg yolk spread out                   Bloodshot attached to the surface of the yolk


               eyes began to appear                                                             eyes become large 


                  Eyes become clear                                                       Form the outline of the chick


       Two prominent eyes are very clear                                                Grow thin feathers


                  Chicken appearance                                                               further growth   


              Finally, cute chicks. 

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