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High Quality Indoor Chicken Cage

Indoor Chicken Cage Feature: 
Our automatical chicken cage made from high anti-corrosive material, such as hot galvanized steel which give a guarantee in long durability,this product has good corrosion resistance effects. About the surface treatment,we think the hot-galvanized is better,because according to you environment,in a high temperature, the hot-galvanized product can make use of structure,also it has characters of corrosion resistance,heat resistance and good processability.also we have other materials about the product.
Design:According to our experience, the required distance between one row of cages and the next at the corridor is about two people'distance,and the height of the house should be 3 meters.

High stocking density, up to 6 tiers possible
Anti-corrosive, Durable and easy to install
No more manure marks & hair cracks on eggs
Excellent dehydration of manure

Indoor Chicken Cage
1.Adopt advanced equipments and technology, made of special high polymer materials.
2.Not contain substances that are harmful to the environment, poisonless, energy saving, environment protection, easy installation and removel.
3.Corrugated paper, subjected to special treatment, features high intensity structure, corrosion resistant, prolonged service life.
4.Fine penetrability and water absorptivity ensure water evenly wet the complete cooling pad wall.
5.The frame can be made of aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet or plastic-steel, and the dimensions can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
6.Can be combined with fans to form stereoscopic ventilating and cooling system, which is the most inexpensive and effective cooling equipment in sweltering fields.
7.The cooling pad we produce are widely adopted as the medium of humidification and cooling ,and also widely used in industrial fields, civil fields & agricultural fields,such as mines, textile workshops, warehouses, stores, supermarkets, large farms,livestock farms,gardening and flower/vegetable greenhouses. 

Our Indoor Chicken Cage enjoy high reputation at home & abroad and sell well in China, Southeastern Asia, Africa, Mid East, Europe and USA, etc.
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