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High Quality Chicken layer cage On Sale

Chicken layer cage is made from high anti-corrosive material ,such as hot galvanized steel or stainless steel, which gives a guarantee in long durability. The Chicken layer cage can be set with 3-5 layers or more, with an automatical feeding system, ventilation system, watering system, waste cleaning system
Features: high stock density, smooth hopper trolley movement and smooth feed distribution, easy maintenance and operation.
Type : A type chicken cage and H type chicken cage
Equipment list of chicken layer cage
Cage system
Automatic feed supplier
Path of feed supplier
Feed trolley
Water fall type temperature cooling system
Fan ( ventilation) system
Waste cleaning machine
Beak cutter/ debeaking machine
Drinking nipple

Chicken layer cage Chicken layer cage

Chicken layer cage feature: our automatical chicken cage made from high anti-corrosive material, such as hot galvanized steel which give a guarantee in long durability,this product has good corrosion resistance effects. about the surface treatment,we think the hot-galvanized is better,because according to you environment,in a high temperature, the hot-galvanized product can make use of structure,also it has characters of corrosion resistance,heat resistance and good processability.also we have other materials about the product.
design: according to our experience, the required distance between one row of cages and the next at the corridor is about two people'distance,and the height of the house should be 3 meters.

Hebei Dingtuo Machinery And Equipment Co,Ltd is a professional Chicken layer cage manufacturer and international trading company in agricultural machinery and other universal machinery. We have some excellent factories in China mainland which can provide quality machines and good service. 
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