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Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

Fully Automatic Egg Incubator System
Electronic thermostat  – Extremely accurate incubation temperature control
Turbo-fan for constant air circulation  – Ensures optimum airflow over eggs inside incubator. No more uneven heating of eggs or so-called “hot-spots”
Incubator controls its own humidity  – simply add water and calibrate
Heat is provided by an industrial spec element
Wet and Dry bulb Hygrometer and Thermometer  - constantly monitor the incubation temperature from the outside of the incubator
Observation window  – Observe how the eggs hatch inside the incubator
Full incubation instructions  – Become an expert from day one. Simply follow the easy steps and achieve great incubation results.
Incubator is compact, easy to operate and robust
Incubator is made from A-Grade, Industrial grade water-proof Fiberglass with an insulated filling -  Will not delaminate due to moisture like other incubators.
Excellent insulation properties, low on electricity . Door seals tightly in order to prevent moisture and heat from unnecessarily escaping.Easy to disinfect and clean  – Incubator can be rinsed out. This ensures that the incubator remains hygienic thereby achieving better incubation results.

Fully Automatic Egg Incubator Features:
1. Mirco-computer controlled on temperture & humidify
2. Energe can be electricity & coal
3. Automatic egg turning,  automatic alarm on temperature&humidify
4. Energy-saving and environment protection
5. Easy to install, saving human resource and budget to maximise your profit

To get further information about our products or services, you can contact us via telephone, email or by visiting us in person. Please note that we also take orders through our online store.Fully Automatic Egg Incubator offer to our clients a variety of advantages including superior function ability and longer life standards. Besides our standard range, we also have the expertise to produce customized variants of our range as per the specific requirements of our clients.
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