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Fertilized of chicken in automatic layer cage In mechanized chicken farming

The purpose of egg breeder breeding is to produce eggs used to hatch laying hens, which are used to produce edible eggs sold on the market.Egg breeder breeding is the starting point of the industrial chain of laying hens. The breeding link is related to the healthy development of the whole industry. The price of egg breeder itself is higher than that of general laying hens, and the breeding environment requirements and health standards are also higher.At present, there is almost no difference between the breeding equipment and laying equipment adopted by the mechanical egg-breeding chicken cage and the egg-breeding chicken cage. Only a certain amount of breeding roosters are kept in proportion in the egg-breeding chicken cage system for artificial insemination. Generally, the ratio of the number of breeding roosters and hens is 1:20-1:40.


The artificial insemination technology commonly used in the breeding of egg-breeding chickens was popularized nationwide in China in the 1980s. Now it has become very mature and almost all egg-breeding chickens have adopted artificial insemination by the beginning of this century.Artificial insemination of egg-breeding chickens has the advantages of egg-breeding hygiene, high breeding density, low breeding quantity of roosters, stable rate of egg insemination, etc. However, artificial insemination also has some defects, such as high labor intensity, cross infection of the vas deferens and other problems.


Artificial insemination

During the breeding process, the breeder needs to take out, inseminate and put the hens regularly. The collected semen also needs to be preserved in a special way to avoid contamination or inactivation of sperm.

Under the management mode of artificial insemination, the labor efficiency of artificial insemination in groups of three is the highest. Skilled insemination personnel, including the time of sperm collection, have an average of 352 insemination per person per hour.According to 2.5 hours of insemination work every day and one insemination for the chickens every 5 days, each person can only manage 4,400 breeding chickens under the feeding system and egg collection system of automatic laying cage equipment.Modern chickens can be managed by tens of thousands of chickens per breeder.Labor prices have risen in recent years, and young workers skilled in artificial insemination are drying up.This requires the development of mechanized egg - breeding cages suitable for the use of natural mating equipment.


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