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Diseases that need to be prevented during peak egg production of laying hen caged

Cage layer osteoporosis, also known as cage layer fatigue disease, is a common disease in high yield cage layer group at the later stage of egg production.Osteoporosis is a direct result of the loss of bone mass throughout the body, resulting in increased bone fragility, reduced bone strength, and a high incidence of fractures and decreased productivity.Of the 36 million hens culled in the UK each year, about 30 per cent suffered more than one fracture and 98 per cent suffered a fracture after processing.In China, the incidence of osteoporosis in the cage of laying hens is as high as 16-20%, which causes great losses to the development of livestock and poultry industry. The effective prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in the cage laying hens has become one of the important problems that the poultry industry urgently needs to solve.

The exact etiology of this disease has not been determined, nutritional factors, environmental factors, endocrine factors, genetic factors can lead to the occurrence of this disease.In addition, laying hens in the breeding period, by bacteria, viruses, parasites invasion, digestive tract diseases, urinary tract diseases damage the body's normal absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus can also cause this disease.

Because the etiology of osteoporosis in layer cage is very complex and its pathogenesis is still fully determined, many prevention and treatment measures are limited to the research on nutrition and genetic breeding improvement.Research shows that within the scope of the diet fluoride and calcium, phosphorus, protein, fat, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin D for laying hens caged proximal spine or the mill for the proportion of cancellous bone in bone does not have good role in promoting, but in feeding granular calcium source (negundo volute) or add additional fluoride treatment can increase the proportion of medullary bone.Granular calcium sources such as limestone, calcium absorption time extended to the formation of eggshell at night, which has a promoting effect on the quality of eggshell, at the same time granular calcium can increase the amount of bone marrow without affecting the loss of structural bone, can improve the late egg-laying hens bone density and strength.Supplementation with extra vitamin K in the growth stage can promote the synthesis of osteocalcin in laying hens and also improve the effect of bone.

In addition, the application of phytoestrogens such as iprafen and soy flavonoids in intensive chicken farms can effectively inhibit bone absorption, promote bone formation, and promote minerals to improve bone density and bone strength in caged laying hens on the basis of improving the production performance of caged laying hens.


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