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Chicken Roup and Vaccine in Chicken Farm

Chicken newcastle disease, caused by Newcastle disease virus,  dysentery, difficult breathing  and neurological symptoms as the main characteristics of acute infectious diseases, all kinds of age chickens can be infected easily .
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chicken farm

A. At present,the following vaccinie can stop and treat the fowl plague : Newcastle disease I vaccine, fowl plague II weak virus vaccine, fowl plague "III" and "IV" vaccine, and so on. now let us look at how to use them .
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chicken farm

I Newcastle disease vaccine for the chicken who are 3 months old, is 90 days old, thousands of times diluted with physiological saline, inject 1 ml to chest ; the birds wll have immunity after injection a3 to 4 days, immune period for two months. the vaccine should  be placed in a cool dark place after dilute  , must be used in the same day .use II weak vaccine  when the chickens are seven days to 9 days old ,using the dropper to drop 2 to nose . only to  one nostril is ok.  there is immuity after 7 to 9 days, the immune period is 1 month.
Newcastle disease "III" and "IV" vaccine for drinking immunization. put the vaccine to the water to dilute , let the chickens have free drinking, the method is simple, applicable to a large group of immune.

B. Marek's disease and Marek's disease live vaccine

chicken farm

Marek's disease is a kind of lymphoid tissue hyperplasia disease caused by Marek virus.take  marek's disease with double live vaccine as sample.

Usage: take out the vaccine from the nitrogen canister first,put into 37degree warm water to shake immediately , the vaccine rapidly dissolved, then take out . in accordance with the bottle labels indicate the quantity, put the vaccine  into special dilute solution. Finally, inject 0.2ml to each skin or muscle of each young bird.  Attention: 1, the goods must be in liquid nitrogen preservation and transportation; 2, the product should be quickly put into37 degrees warm water  when out of liquid nitrogen ,until completely melted  then take out,then diluted by liquid dilution, otherwise affect the vaccine potency; 3, vaccine prepared with diluted vaccines must be used in 1 hours .

Marek's disease double live vaccine retention period is 2 years in liquid nitrogen .

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chicken farm

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