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Chicken Egg Incubator For Sale

Model chicken egg incubators holds chicken is full automatic
we are a leading supplier of chicken egg incubator for sale in China.poultry egg incubators,egg incubator

Main technical indexe
1. Temperature display range is -0~99°C
2. Temperature measurement precision -is ±0.1°C
3. Humidity display range is--0—99%RH
4. Humidity control precision is -±3%RH
5. output channels -is 9-channel (over temperature, temperature control, low temperature, turn eggs left, turn eggs right, humidity control, alarm, fan and light).
6. output current -10A for temperature control and low temperature and 1A for others
7. Length of measurement line About 2 meters
8. Working voltage AC is -180V~240V, 50HZ

Hatching ability above 95% suits for all kinds of poultry and bird eggs incubator including- duck eggs,goose eggs and other rare birds.

To get further information about our chicken egg incubator for sale or services, you can contact us via telephone, email or by visiting us in person. Please note that we also take orders through our online store.
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