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Chicken Cages Poultry Advantage

China Factory Direct Sales Poultry Equipments Chicken Cages Poultry
(1)A type laddery battery layer cage 
(3)Q235 double cold galvanized anti-corrosion 
(4)Fully automatic,energy cost saved
(5)Full System Including Cage Body,Cage Frame,Feedersautomatic drinking system,on-rail hopper feeding system,manure removal stystem,egg collection system,Ventilation System etc

Chicken Cages Poultry Advantage
(1)Number of chicken each unit area far exceeds the flating breeding way,it can increase 50% to 100%;
(2)Chicken manure and chicken are completely isolated.Manure can be directly down to the ground,house dust greatly reduced,less chance of disease through infected feces,greatly reduced the morality of chicken;
(3)Chicken limited to the minimum amount of exercise,energy consumption,save feed;
(4)Easy to observe birds,clustering or choose amoy easily;
(5)Have sufficient feed,water position and health uniformity are better for chicken
(6)Can be avoided raising the required level of expenditure litter
(7)Egg breakage rate,high cleanliness
(8)Disability is reduced significantly
(9)Low labor intensity

By using this system, the feed can be conveyed from the silo or manpower hopper into each feeding line in
your chicken houses. There is one feed sensor at the end of main feed line, which controls the on/off of the motor automatically to achieve the aim of automatic feeding. The system can reduce labor intensity effectively,
one chicken house just need one breeder/worker.

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