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Cause of rectocele of layer in chicken cage

(1) the breeding period of insufficient exercise and chicken body fat

Laying hens in the breeding stage, and the energy contained in the diet basin level is too high or premature chicken cage.Lack of exercise in chickens will lead to excessive fat deposition in hens and lead to excessive obesity in chickens.Due to the fat pressure between the pubic bone and the abdomen of the large child sockets, blocking the birth canal, so that the muscle tension of the sockets.

(2) start production too early or too late

The hens are laying early.Chicken body development and sexual maturity do not adapt, chicken body is small. Bone flute muscle dysplasia, difficult to maintain egg production;If open produce too late, often open produce to produce big egg, cause dystocia easily and prolapse anus, chicken transfer to layer chicken cage when 12 weeks.

(3) dietary protein content ratio is too high

After opening the hen, has been transferred into the cage, the egg production rate shows an upward trend, at this time if a large number of high-protein feed, will make the egg production increase sharply.

(4) Vitamin A and E are deficient in the diet

Layer chicken in the season, at this time already in chicken cage breeding for eight months, if lack of vitamin A and vitamin E intake, sex hormone secretion imbalance, smoke eggs pipe and cloacal membrane epithelial keratinization cat and lose elasticity, lubrication oil secretion reduces, the chicken egg impassability Yang, egg production caused by overexertion when rectocele.

(5) improper lighting or inadequate vitamin D supply

Premature supplementation of light by laying hens or irregular extension of light time, increase the intensity of light, resulting in excessive excitement of hens, nervous sensitivity, pecking and fighting with each other, early egg production or scrambled egg production rules and causing dystostosis.In addition, calcium content is relatively high in the high-yielding diet, at this time, if the light is insufficient, or vitamin D deficiency, the proportion of calcium and phosphorus is out of balance, so that the calcium in the diet can not be fully absorbed and utilized, the rest of the calcium is deposited in the intestinal tract, stimulate the inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, defecation caused by strong supine rectum.

In addition, fallopian tubes and cloacal cavity suffering from inflammation, dysentery, coccidiosis and abdominal tumors are easy to cause the hen rectocele.Hens are frightened by their surroundings when laying eggs.The chicken that has pecker fetichism takes advantage of the anus that produces egg to peck its abdomen door when the anus is evaginate, can cause prolapse anus.When strangers enter the chicken coop, they should walk slowly, or they will panic the hens in the chicken cage.

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