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Broiler cage manufacturers take you to understand the needs of broiler nutrition

In order to make the meat delicious and rich in nutrition, raisers must pay attention to the nutritional needs in feeding and management. Only by making the chicken nutritionally balanced and not getting sick can the chicken itself be more valuable and the economic benefits of raisers be improved.So today broiler cage manufacturers to take you to understand the nutritional needs of broiler.


At present, most of the high-quality broilers raised by raisers are smaller in size, with less food intake, slower growth rate and longer feeding cycle. Therefore, the nutritional requirements of broilers are different from those of fast and large broilers.


1. Energy requirements. Carbohydrates in grains are the main source of energy for broiler chickens to maintain production.In recent years, fat has become an important nutrient index of broiler feed.Because fat can provide the fatty acid that broiler chicken needs not only, and adipose heat energy is high, more be helpful for stimulative growth and raise feed utilization rate.Abdominal fat has a direct effect on the meat quality of broilers. The abdominal fat usually decreases with the increase of protein level and increases with the increase of energy level.Accordingly, raise high grade broiler, energy level should adopt before low, in tall, hind the principle of limitation, in order to assure subcutaneous, flesh asks adipose deposit.


2. Protein needs. Broilers' need for protein is influenced by many factors.The increase of protein level in F1 grain can significantly reduce the abdominal fat rate of broilers.Increase the breast muscle rate of broilers.A high protein level will increase fat deposition, and a low energy level will decrease fat deposition while maintaining the protein level of the diet unchanged.Protein is composed of amino acids. Increasing the level of methionine in the diet can reduce the fat deposition of broilers and improve the ratio of pecs.In diets deficient in lysine, the carcass fat content was significantly reduced with the addition of lysine in Et diets, protein deposition was maximized with high energy and high lysine levels, and fat deposition was reduced with low energy and appropriate lysine levels.


3.Mineral requirements: meeting the mineral requirements of broilers can significantly improve the utilization rate of various nutrients in the diet and give full play to the genetic properties of high-quality broilers.In recent years, researchers have developed non-toxic, no stimulation, palatability is good, and vitamins, antibiotics and other non-compatibility contraindication of amino acid trace element chelate, not only for the high quality broiler added trace elements, but also added amino acid, can significantly improve the production performance of high quality broiler.


4 vitamin needs, broiler body can not synthesize their own vitamins (niacin, choline, vitamin c exception), mainly through the diet of vitamins and vitamin additives to provide.Recommendations for vitamin use should take into account the increased need for certain vitamins in broilers under stress.Therefore, the vitamin loss caused by feed processing and storage must be taken into account when formulating vitamin requirement standards.Feed industry added insurance coefficient when adding a vitamin.


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