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Automatic manure removal system

Automatic manure removal system
1, Model: TaLi-M02
2, Structure Type: Traction Type
3, Rated Power: 1.5-3KW
4, Rated Voltage: 380V
5, Source Type: AC, 3-Phase Source
6, The Most Working Power: 2800~3200N
7, Outline Size(L*W*H): 0.42× 1.43× 3.1m
8, Cleaning Board Width: 1.12m
9, Cleaning Board Length. 1.8-2m10, Width of manure dung ditch: 2m
11, The capacity of cleaning the dung length is no more than 80 m

What the advantage of our automatic Manure system?
Our automatic Clear Dung system with the high quality of international standard cycloidal pin gear speed reducer, it makes the transmission speed reasonable. It is easy to operate because of the small and direct-connected between the motor and the reducer. The hot galvanization, thicken, durable material of steel board makes the longer service
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