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Automatic layer chicken cages

If you need automatic layer chicken cages,you can contact us.we can supply to you.
1. Material: Galvanizaed steel wire

2. Surface treatment: Galvanization, we have most advanced Automatic Galvanization Line for Poultry Equipment manufacture all over the world

3. Size of one group: (L*W*H) 1960*400*1470mm

4. Layers of the cage: 3 layers, it certainly can be 3/4/5 layers accoding to your requests
And you can see the solid structure as follows, 

Check the worker's weight is 60 kg standing on the cages, 

5. Chicken quantity/cage: 3 PCS

6. Cages quantity/group: 5 doors/layer * 3 layers * 2 sides = 30 PCS

7. Chicken quantity/Group: 3 PCS * 30 PCS = 90 PCS
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