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Automatic feeding system manufacturers

we are  a leading automatic feeding system manufacturers in China since 1996. Besides equipment , we can also do light steel poultry house construction service . Our Hapy poultry &livestock farm construction co.,ltd is one of the top 3 farm construction company in china , with more than 27 thousand m2 plant and modern processing equipment . Therefore , we  know how to make the poultry shed and equipment match perfectly .

Automatic Feeding system controlled automatically by the motor, solid structure, durable with high-efficiency and best price
Material: Nickelclad
The nickelclad size of the two sides: 100*40mm net thickness: 3.8mm
The nickelclad size on the top and the orbit of the: 100*40mm net thickness: 3.8mm
Surface treatment: Baking varnish and hot galvanization
Layer quantity: 5 layers
Crib size: L660*W256*D500mm, Productivity of each Crib: ≥ 60Kg
Power of the Motor: 1.50KW
Rated Voltage: 220V
Working Speed: 10M--15M/Min
Working Average Rate of the Crib: ± 15G/M
Thickness of the surface paint: ≥ 0.05mm
Feed Capacity of each Crib: 35kg~100kg/PC
Total Weight of each set: 600Kg
automatic feeding system manufacturers
Hot-galvanized silo feature 
-Silo is composed of silo body, lid, ladder, legs and so on. Silo body is made of 275g/m2 hot
galvanized panel (two sides).
-There is a hole on the hypo-cone for inspecting the feed level.
-All are high intensive, anti-corrosive , easy-installing and have years longevity.
-The respective silo size depends on daily feed consumption and required storage time .

To get further information about our products or services, you can contact us via telephone, email or by visiting us in person.we are automatic feeding system manufacturers, Please note that we also take orders through our online store.
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