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Automatic feeding system for chickens

Automatic feeding system for chickens
1. a driving device 
2. a hopper 
3. a conveying pipe
4. an auger
5. trays 
6. a suspension lifting device
7. an antiperching device  
8. a feed sensor

1, pan is adjustable, convenient and saving feed
2, delivery speed is stable
3, bird mortality is lower.
4, pan feed line can save 1.6-2.3% feed stuff 
5, pan feeding system can be adjusted, which can raise bird in different growing period.
6, the feeding system has long life span
7, it is easy to control and clean.
8, feed pan can adjust from complete open to close.
9, pan can be disassembled on the ground working for 0-7 day old chicken
10, v-pan design can reduce feed storage at pan bottom, bird can have fresh feed everyday, this design can also prevent bird from staying on the plate.
11, edge of pan tilt towards the center which can avoid wasting. 
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