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Automatic Feeding System For Sale

Automatic feeding system for sale
convenient to use
No matter raising in the line or on the ground, the RP08(14 grids) broiler pan produced by RC.North-Husbandry suits for the growth of broilers very much. It’s special design, allround properties, firm structure, low maintenance cost secured the proper use of PR08 from the first to the last day of the birds’ growth. It not only liberates the labors but also reduces the fodder-meat rate greatly.

Convenient unload and installition, easy washing
Unload and installition of feed pan are extremly easy, one person can accomplish relaxed.
Shallow plate can be opened relaxedly, and is very convenient to wash.

Automatic feeding system for sale

It is composed of five different elements:

The pan which features a special shape designed to avoid waste
The adjustment device that dispenses the feed accurately
The grill designed to ensure easy access and featuring a special spill proof edge
The Internal cone, Designed with 3 openings to facilitate feed flow for chicks
The Snap-Top make montage of the feed pan easy and the special opening on top is for a steel cable that will keep the chicken from climbing on the feed line.   

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