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Automatic Feeding System China Supplier

Taking care of automatic feeding system is an important daily routine. It is in your mind 24/7. With the automatic feeding system, you are only required to pay attention to feeding the cows once every three days! In addition, with the automatic feeding system you are completely flexible in the feeding strategy you like to implement. It is the perfect solution for every farm, also offering flexibility to adapt to future expansion.

Water Pressure Regulaors: Equipped with the Water Split Equipment and Termination Equipment, the best quality from China. 1 sets/tier. 
The incorporate feeding hopper have the advantage of limited shape loading more feeds, feeding equally, it can be adjusted by your requirement in each tier. 
The manure removal system makes the manure drier and easier to removal and recycle, transport the manure directly to the transverse device or out side the house. The belt import from Italy, durability, keeping linear and avoid to go wrong. 
The vertical and transverse egg-collection system, which has the high efficient collection, with smooth speed, save labour and egg damage rate lower tha 3%. 
Certificated by ISO9001.

Drive system, with a speed 36m/min, the scientific design of gear rotation, no need add oil or other maintenance, also with automatic feed control, you can set the time and frequency of feeding. Simple structure, can be put anywhere in the customer needs. This quick automatic feeding system using advanced foreign technology, feeding faster, stable and reliable, uniform feeding, for 24 hours automatic control of feeding time.

We have the ability to produce more than 30 kinds of automatic feeding system. Our one-stop production line, from wire drawing, straightening, welding, forming to galvanization, has already been formed.
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