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Automatic Digital Egg Incubator With High Quality

This automatic digital egg incubator has same condition with mother hens and can hatch all kind of eggs. Throughout long experiment for 5years, egg incubator set the perfect condition for hatching finally. egg incubator is different from other egg incubator which is no more than simple toys at functions and external forms. It is suitable not only for children but also for birds manias. The classification of this product is wide ranged, so it can be used for learning, interest, and investigating. You can see the course of birth and it make you feel the importance of the life. According to our own test, it is very effective to raise up the sensitivity of children.
automatic digital egg incubator controls temperature and egg moving automatically. Detects and notifies when there are disorders.

We have our own technology which can be applied to overall industries such as analog and digital circuit design, one-chip (Micom) program and inspection devices related to Factory automation.
With accumulated know-how, we have manufactured Digital egg incubator, Coffee mixer and Recycle machine on the market. We regard technology as a key of competitiveness in the rapid changing international environment. We took out patents for 4 products and registered the patents for several articles.

The egg hold capacity of dual-perpuse equipment of hatching and keep growers include the total amount of hatching and keeping grower.

The price of automatic digital egg incubator of hatching and keep growers is the same as the hatching equipment.Two-thirds is hatching while one third is grower.and the same as three-fouth to one-fouth.

Microcomputer automatic digital egg incubator adopt the technology of mircoconputer intelligent control . The body is tank type within removeable shelf for putting eggs and the shell is sealed with aluminiumalloy . It can be circularly used for hatching and keeping growers at the same time.

We have perfect import and export service system in mainland China and established the close cooperation relations with many shipping companies, airlines. We can provide the automatic digital egg incubator with the best shipping, air route and series of service for you. Our company have perfect allocation warehouse which can satisfy your needs of goods transition in many places. We could help you inspect and accept the source of supply and choose appropriate distribution mode for you to deliver goods quickly and safely.
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