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Advantages of the Birds Battery Cages for Sale

Keeping the creative spirit consistently, we have independently developed and produced multi-tiers brood-grow equipments, which can keep the chicken until it grow up, so the birds needn™t change houses during it™s growing period. This system is more suitable for birds growing nature, so it not only can protect birds from illness by reducing their irritability, but also save workload.
The birds raising equipment is good in performance. No matter in the dry area of -30 degrees low temperature, such as northeast area and Xinjiang province, or in the area of high temperature and wet weather, such as Hainan, Thailand etc., our equipments still keep operating well, and create suitable temperature and wet condition for the birds raising.

Advantages of the birds battery cages for sale
1.Saving more cost for Farmers
2.More suitable to use in rainless district, durable and solid structure for long lifetime;
3.Easily to deliver and installation in clients farm and make maintenance;
4.Easy to control of parasitic disease like worm infestation;
5.Number of chicken each unit area far exceeds the flating breeding way,it can increase 50% to 100%;
6.Chicken manure and chicken are completely isolated.Manure can be directly down to the ground,house dust greatly reduced,less chance of disease through infected feces,greatly reduced the morality of chicken;
7.Chicken limited to the minimum amount of exercise,energy consumption,save feed;
8.Easy to observe birds,clustering or choose amoy easily;
9.Have sufficient feed,water position and health uniformity are better for chicken
10.Can be avoided raising the required level of expenditure litter
11.Egg breakage rate,high cleanliness
12.Disability is reduced significantly
13.Low labor intensity

To better serve our customers, we have implemented an international management system. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certification. 
We have an extensive sales network worldwide, which has helped us consistently generate over 60% of annual turnover from export sale.
Any inquiries from you are welcomed. We will make every effort to meet your demands and make sure that your requirements will be satisfied as early as possible.
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