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Transportation crate

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type DT-T1 DT-T2 DT-T3
Material 100% pure PE material
Size 75*55.5*28.5cm 90*60*27cm 74.5*54.5*26cm
Color Yellow,green,white,red Yellow,green,white,red Yellow,green,white,red
Weight 6kgs 7kgs 5kgs
Using Chicken or chicks Chicken or chicks Chicken or chicks
Lifespan 5-10year 5-10year 5-10year
Capacity 14 birds 17 birds 13 birds
Affording weight 50kgs 60kgs 40kgs
  1. Easy to clean, long time lifespan, recoverable
  2. No change under high temperature, good ventilation and good heat radiation.
  3. Application for all poultry
  4. Own stock and package is woven bag
  5. Up to 10 pieces vertically when transportation

Whole year own stock to make sure delivery on time, fastest time is 3 days 

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