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We have different preferential policy and price for different products and different projects during different period, email us to for talking more specific details please!
1)Stock feed for large-scale and  medium-sized farm
2)  With automatic conveying system of both cage rearing and floor rearing plants to effective save feeds
From 4.5 TONS to 27TONS, the followed capacity is just a sample, for more details please contact us
2.75M Diameter Feed Silo W/60o Hopper
Model Number Metric Tons Cubic Meter Height(M)
DT-275-1 7.8 tons 12.1 m3 4.8 m
DT-275-2 11.2 tons 17.4 m3 5.7 m
DT-275-3 14.6 tons 22.6 m3 6.6 m

3.05M Diameter Feed Silo W/60o Hopper
Model Number Metric Tons Cubic Meter Height(M)
DT-305-1 10.0 tons 15.6 m3 5.0 m
DT-305-2 14.0 tons 22.2 m3 5.9 m
DT-305-3 18.6 tons 28.8 m3 6.8 m

Farm using
The followed two farms are our customers' farm, first one is a big farm project, second one is installing, for more information please contact me!

The followed picture is showing My silo sample and silo fittings

Structure and Components 

1. Feed bin wallboard

It is fabricated from 275g/m2 hot-dip galvanized steel plates that come with high tensile strength of up to 55000psi(379mpa), this highly enhances silo strength and dervice life, in addition, corrugated steel plates ensure precise installation, zinc coating weight and thickness are strictly controlled to meet outdoor use requirements, it features stylish design with reliable corrosion resistance.

2. Cover system

The feed silo is designed with an active cover system on its top which enables opening, closing and locking of the silo on the ground, stop bolts are used in the system to ensure cover can be freely opened within 180 degrees.

3. Top edge

According to actual conditions, the top edge of the feed bin comes in different designs, turned edge is designed to keep rain away from hopper and lower part of the silo, giving protection for a whole day.

4. 40 degrees silo roof

It offers larger strength and volume.

5. Side ladder

It can be outfitted with a rugged ladder, every ladder is made from a whole piece of galvanized steel plate by means of die pressing, thus ensuring high intensity, excellent stability and easy installation, small concave pits are punched into the rungs to prevent slip.

6. Paneling

Funnel paneling is available for easy and safe inspection and cleaning, the paneling can be easily disassemble and assemble in a very short time, it may be suitable for all exisiting feed bins in poultry rearing systems

7. Silo Funnel

Based on degrees of slope, the funnels of our feed storage bin are available in three options, 45 degree of slop in the silo funnel is a choice for discharging dry feeds, 60 degree for smooth flow grains and 67 degree for hard to flow grains.

8. Mounting screws and bolts

The feed bin is installed using 8.8-grade M10 high strength hot-dip galvanized bolts, and cross and vertical joints are sealed using plaster for rain prevention, high robustness and long service life.

9. Automatic feed conveying system

The silo can be used with automatic conveying system of both cage rearing and floor rearing plants to effective save feeds

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