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Pellet machine(Biomass molding equipment)

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1) Application: production of pellet feed for animals like chicken, cow, fish, pig, mutton and so on
2) Raw material: corn flour, wheat flour, soybean powder, other feed material
3) Moisture: <12%
4) Pellet diameter: 2-12mm one machine can produce different diameter of pellet by changing the molds.
5) Capacity: the capacity changes from 50kg/h-1800kg/h

Working principle
1) The starting materials for the production of pellets are pressed by the pressing roller in the matrix.
2) Due to the pressure and friction in the matrix, the starting materials are heated to a high temperature (nearly 60~80 °C). As a result of pressure and temperature increasing, the materials were compressed into pellets. The output pellets will have very high strength after cooling.


Model Capacity (kg/h) Voltage Power Netting/Grossing weight(kg) Packing size (mm)
Sawdust Feed
DT-P100 40-60 60-100 220V 2.2/3KW 80/100 750*310*620
DT-P300 100-150 200-300 380V 7.5KW 190/210 1000*430*950
DT-P400 150-200 300-400 380V 11KW 280/310 1140*500*970
DT-P600 200-300 400-600 380V 15KW 330/360 1200*500*1030
DT-P800 300-400 600-800 380V 22KW 430/470 1320*530*1070


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