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Ground chicken dung cleaning system

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1) Cleaning chicken dropping for large-scale and medium-sized farm
2) removing manure from manure pits in close or open chicken farm.

1) Components:driving system, scraper, angle pulley, stroke limitation, control panel.
2) Working for 2 rows or 3 rows one time

Matched power 1.5-3kw
Maximum traction work force 28000-32000N
Wiper clean rate ≥95%
walking speed 6-10m/min
Manure scraper width 20mmless than the hollow
Weight 350kg

Working process
Manure scraper connects with the rope, the rope connects with the electric motor, when you turn on the electric motor, the manure scraper will go from the beginning of the hollow to the end, so the dung will be dealed All of the manure will be at the same side.

The hung hollow design
Deep: about 30cm 
Width: it is as the bottom of the frame of the cage system, as the distance between the two legs of the cage . 
Length: it is as the chicken house, the pool is outside the chicken house .because the hollow is 30cm deep, 
as usual it will be build on the level , so it is easy to clean the pool at last 

Farm using

driving system, scraper, angle pulley, stroke limitation, control panel

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