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Working with cooling pad for poultry house ventilation, keeping house temperature 25°C.


Type blade diameter (mm) blade diameter (r/min) motor speed (r/min) Noise (decibel) Power (W) Voltage  (V) Whole Size (mm)
Height Width Thickness
DT-1000 1000 600 1400 70 750 380 1100 1100 400
DT-1250 1250 439 1400 70 1100 380 1380 1380 400
DT-1400 1400 325 1400 70 1500 380 1530 1530 400

Fan casing: Hot galvanized plate 
Fan blade: hot galvanized plate,punch forming.
Shutters: plastic material,shutters open and close automatically when the machine open and close. 
Dust-proof and rain-proof when the fan stops
motor: copper wire , 380V,220V
The belt: rubber v-belt
Fairing: guide air to the air outlet, exhaust outside intensively.
Defend net: hot galvanized,prevent hands and foreign bodies into the fan. 
Belt Pulley: connect motor and shutters,reduce the motor speed,noise and motor load

Working principle of Fan and cooling pad
Installing: cooling pad installed at one end of the house,fan installed at another end of the house. 
Air drafting: Fan take out hot air,which form air pressure difference indoor and outdoor 
Cooling: air film on the pad evaporate, absorb heat and deduce the temperate. Cool air enter into the house and complete cooling process. Excess water in the pad drains into the sink.

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