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Cooling pad

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Working with cooling pad for poultry house ventilation, keeping house temperature 25°C.

Working principle
Paper cellular structure material ,the working principle is”Water evaporation absorbs heat“. 
water under the action of gravity, from the top to low, form water film on the corrugated fiber surface of the cooling pad. 
when the flow of air through pad, the water in the water film will  evaporate, absorb heat from the air,and take away a lot of latent heat. 
The air temperature through pad will reduce so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. 


Cellular diameter 5mm,7mm,9mm,  7mm is most widely.
Paper thickness  not less than 100g
Pad thickness 10cm,12cm,15cm,we commonly use 10cm
Height <=2m
Length <=4m
Temperature 25
Cooling rate more than 80%
Water absorption height 60-70mm/5mins,200mm/1.5hour

Note: When building the house, reserve the cooling pad area according to the length and height in the quotation. Large area will lead to insufficient strength and it is not easy to use and install.

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