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About Us
Production Strength

Dingtuo boasts the undoubted strength to produce efficient, premium quality, cost effective equipment for your poultry production needs.

Wire Drawing Workshop

We use high quality Q-235 high speed wire rods to produce laying cages, chick cages and broiler cages. Tensile strength of the material is up to 490MPa and elongation reaches 23%. With high hardness and elasticity, it makes our poultry cages hard to deform and extends service life by more than three years.

By cold drawing process, the material obtains extremely high hardness and flexibility. To reduce cost, some small factories use Q-195 steel wires to make cages which are interior to Q-235 in hardness and flexibility. So, please pay attention to the material when purchasing poultry cages.

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Cage Mesh Production

Processes: Cold drawing, straightening, welding, end cutting, bending, shaping, hot-dip galvanizing, assembling

Wire drawing equipment and technology: Drawn steel wire comes with smooth surface, without cracks and scratches. As cage mesh is shaped, it can effectively protect the poultry feet from damage.

Fully automatic welding equipment: The welding equipment ensures consistent welding depth of each welding point and flat mesh surface. Consequently, the each cage mesh comes with high longevity,excellent elasticity, high roughness and low egg cracking rage.

Cage Frame Production

3MM U-shaped Galvanized Steel Frame: The frame is constructed from thick steel plate of 3mm thickness. It can bear weight of up to 350kg. With double layer of zinc coating, its service life is up to 15 years.

4MM Galvanized Steel Frame: The frame is fabricated from angle bars with a thickness of 4mm. The angle bars are stored in bulk, providing large space savings, and they are easy to assemble and ensure high stability after assembly.

The frames for our poultry cage systems are coated using hot and cold galvanizing processes.

Cage Mesh Galvanizing

With zinc coating, our poultry cages feature high resistance to corrosion and long service life of up to 20 years.

1) Degreasing:Chemicals and electrical solutions are used to degrease the cage, reaching 98% effect.

2) Derusting: Hydrochloric acid is heated to conduct derusting operation. It is controlled by computer and avoids secondary rusting. Rust removal efficiency is up to 98%.

3) Galvanizing: Each galvanizing pool is provides with filter to prevent adhesion of impurities. Zinc is uniformly coated and zinc coating thickness is increased from 0.03mm to 0.05mm. 1t cage contains 12kg zinc.

4) Cleaning: Neutral water is used to wash the galvanized meshes

5) Forming: Dry in hot wind at uniform temperature to keep consistent gloss.

Feeding Hopper Workshop

Egg Collection System Frame

Finishing of Egg Collection System Frames

We own an independent R&D team. Before delivery of every order, our quality control department will conduct testing operations to ensure 100% qualification.

Feed Trough Workshop

Feed Trough Stock Area

Brand New White PVC Feed Troughs

The feed troughs are featured by high resistance to impact, pressure, shock and heat. They are hard to deform and allow an adult to walk on them. In addition, they come with smooth surface that ensures no adhesion of feeds. Galvanized through provides high durability. Lengthened edge ensures reduction of feed waste.
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