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Adress: NO. 188, Gaocheng industrial zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China (Mainland)

Tel : +86-13663282016 (24 hour, whatsapp)
About Us
Hebei Dingtuo Machinery And Equipment Co,Ltd was established in 1996,growing fast from a small machinery factory into today’s well reputed professional poultry equipment manufacturer.Over 19 years,we have been working on development and manufacturer of automated poultry rearing equipment.Now ,we pride ourselves on supplying global poultry farmers with efficient,excellent quality and durable products for poultry production.Our product line has been expanded to include a diversity of poultry cages for layers,pullets and broilers as well as a wide range of feeding,drinking,egg collection, manure removal and climate control systems.

We have set up foreign trade department to expand the markets in Africa, the Middle East,Europe and America and really realize specific product design,quality and service for specific markets.African market is a good case in point.Since 2009,Dingtuo has been arranging specialists to visit our new and old customers in Nigeria, Kenya,Uganda,South Africa,etc.They provide guidance for old customers and share experience with new customers.Currently,we have built offices and warehouses in many cities in Africa including Lagos,Ibadan,Abuja, Kaduna,Harcourt,Nairobi,etc

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With state of the art facilities,powerful R & D team and rigorous quality management system,Dingtuo has owned undoubtedly the strength to become your preferred partner to build modern automated poultry farms.In addition,we have an experienced,quick-response project team which helps customers with poultry farm location planning,chicken house design and construction and equipment installation as well as provides product upgrade and free technical consulting services.

We promise 10 years of free replacement for products with quality problems and offer free delivery to your place.
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