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Adress: NO. 188, Gaocheng industrial zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China (Mainland)

Tel : +86-13663282016 (24 hour, whatsapp)
About Us
After-sales service
Our relationships with you does not end once we make the sale, or once we get your poultry equipment and rearing system in operation. We back up our commitment to quality with service over the entire life cycle of your equipment.

1. Delivery Time
Dingtuo have a large number of products in stock throughout the year. So we promise in time delivery. The shortest preparation time before delivery is 3 days.
2. Accessories
As for quick wear parts like plastic parts, we will perform reliable package and send extra parts to ensure that damage of some part will not influence the normal use of the whole poultry production system.
3. Installation
We offer customers installation guidance through combination of pictures, texts and videos. For some poultry equipment, we also appoint technicians to conduct on-site installation guiding.
4. Mutual Benefit
If the products of our distributors are unmarketable due to the influence by market factors,we will seek customers in the same market or near market who are in need of the products to help the distributors to handle unsalable products.
5. Trouble Shooting
If the equipment has problems in use, we will appoint technicians to carry out trouble shooting in the shortest time.
6. Warranty
Warranty time for plastic parts are 5 years. Rusted cage nets can be replaced for free within 10 years.Replacement parts will be freely delivered to your place.
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