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A frame egg collection

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1) Working for large-scale and medium-sized farm, together with A type layer, broiler, rearing cage equipment
2) Stable performance of egg collection system can reduce damage to eggs.
3) High efficiency can save labor cost.
4) Egg can be transported to outside of poultry house directly so as to prevent the contact of workers with birds. 
Installed on A type automatic cages or H type auto cage system

NO. ITEM Specifications
1 Size(L×W×H) (2.2~2.8)M×(1.0~1.5)M×(2.0~2.6)M
2 SourceType AC,3-PhaseSource
3 RatedVoltage 380V
4 RatedPower 0.75~3.0KW
5 Eggcollectionability 3000PIECES/HOUR
6 EggBrokenRate ≤1%
7 BeltWorkingSpeed 1~3M/MIN
8 WorkingType 4tiersworkingtogether
9 PaintThickness ≥0.05MM
10 MachineWeight 700kgs
11 Egg collecting belt Import from Italy
12 Egg collecting belt width 100MM

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