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3 Tiers of 120 birds layer cage

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Using in chicken farm for egg laying chicken

1) cage mesh, cage frame,
2) Drinking system: fully automatic, tap or big water tank connect drinking system, nipple drinker,water pipe, “T” connector, “I” connector, “L”connector, water tank, water pressure regulator, filter 
3) Feeding system: feeder trough, feeder connector, feeder cover, Worker put the food into the feeder. 

3 tiers of 120 birds, we also manufacture 90 birds, 96 birds, 128 birds, 160 birds, 200 birds and 256 birds layer cage, H type full automatic cage

  Cage basket size

  1) 195cm* 34cm* 3cm
  2) 5 small cage cells
  3) the sliding door

  Full cage system size

  1) A type, 3 tiers
  2) 6 cage baskets
  3) Capacity: 120 birds
  4) 2m by 1.8m by 1.62m

  Picture showing cage just finished installation

  1) Cage basket
  2) Cage frame
  3) Feeding system: feeding trough and connetor and end       covered
  4) Drinking system: water bank, water pipe, nipple?               drinkers,pipe connector and end covered
  5) Other fittings: installation tool

  Farm using

  1) 3 rows
  2) distance walking: 1m
  3) total capacity: 10,000 birds
  4) house design: 10m by 60m
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